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A Barrage of Debt

Is this what I toiled and troubled for?

To embarrassingly walk down

with unfamiliar faces adorned

in square, tassled hats topping their gown.

Decorous enough to fit a judge,

ribboned paper gravels on our palms.

We pose for pictures without a budge.

The fair-weathered day at pleasant calm.

Contrary to the grim stress that comes

from restless lost students, terrified

of their means not equaling their sums.

Academically flourished but economically petrified.

Does being here somehow prove our worth?

Who’s to say who will be the first

to reach a state of utter bliss?

After the ceremonies, we all come home to our desolation.

About analizjee

Analiz Jee, conscientious humanist and avid lover of words. I am a reader, writer, and educator (among other things) with a passion for creativity, progression and innovation. I adore compelling stories, worthy causes, and believe in the significance of truth and beauty.


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