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The Unveiling

When you’re dead, there won’t be anyone left you’d need to impress.

Don’t stress over paper trails.

Fueling the self always prevails.

When all is lost, the true journey begins.

Everything once known will be anew.

and experience rips a tear into the veil of life.

It is then when you can see what was never there.

A new vision of life as what it really is.

There is no support.

There are no stepping stones.

Be a product of solitude because camaraderie if all for show.

And beware what lies ahead for patronage will be never mind.

Grief may come like tides on a full moon,

but fear not for the strength you wield is more powerful than the world you dwell in.

But be cautious of any f this grief and despair,

for it may bitter the heart.

But the stronger you love, the more powerful you’ll become.

Harden the heart but never enclose it.

The world you’re in is a product of your own thoughts.

Watch your perception.

You are as strong as your environment.

Don’t let your world crumble.

Circumstances sh’ant ever tame you.

When the very ground you walk on turns to mud,

call upon self-direction, motivation, strength and inspiration

and they will indeed lend you a hand.

Lament no more for what once was dirt will turn into golden land.

You must follow that shimmering road to a kingdom of opportunities.

Only when you decide to take your throne and crown can you make a difference in the world.

The change all starts, however, with the universe within you.

About analizjee

Analiz Jee, conscientious humanist and avid lover of words. I am a reader, writer, and educator (among other things) with a passion for creativity, progression and innovation. I adore compelling stories, worthy causes, and believe in the significance of truth and beauty.


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