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Life Making a Dunce Out of Me

I wish I had the power to change circumstances
Rather than those circumstances having the power to change me.
I’ve never felt so weak until being forced to live a life without you.
Nor have I even ever come close to imagining one without you.
Every day I wish the agony could come to a sense of ease.
Every day I stare despair in the face and wonder how you could be ripped away from me so simply.
I miss you and I still need you.
I’d do anything to see you squint and wave from your porch,
Assuring I drive safely on a Sunday afternoon.
Those days seem so foreign to me lately.
There’s been a breach in the system, in the routine.
“Accustoming” to me, is now redefined as impossibility to the highest degree.
There’s no getting used to this kind of loss.
Please bring me some form of alleviation because at times it feels I can’t go on.
And if I must survive, then at least make them leave me alone
Cause a million sorries or condolences don’t alleviate a thing.
The only motivation is the paternal pride I hope to bring.
When I’m not busy trying to make it in this world, I’m alone and wishing I can rip my own heart out.
They don’t teach us the important things in school, like how to cope with tragedy and pain.
If this is the only way to receive instruction on these matters, I’m a failure failure in this class.
Come visit me some time. I’ll be sitting in a corner with my dunce hat.


About analizjee

Analiz Jee, conscientious humanist and avid lover of words. I am a reader, writer, and educator (among other things) with a passion for creativity, progression and innovation. I adore compelling stories, worthy causes, and believe in the significance of truth and beauty.


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