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3 Ways that Vonage is Putting Your Business at Risk

Why So Many Business Owners Are Breaking Up With Vonage

At first, Vonage’s Business VoIP service seems pretty great, innovative, and maybe even revolutionary. As time unfolds, however, one begins to come to terms that it’s not Vonage that is so great. It’s the unprecedented VoIP technology that captures the heart. What is there to do when the honeymoon stage with a business phone system is beginning to end? Sometimes when that once passionately burning flame goes out, experience reveals that despite all the love one can have for VoIP features, it’s time to move on.

1.      Bad Service

It’s come time to realize that VoIP is only as good as the service provider. It’s important to have a reliable team behind your business phone service. This is especially true when one is new to VoIP.

We’re not all phone technicians. Who knows what SIP, BLF, DSS Key, Soft Key and such other foreign terms mean? If it’s not a Plug & Play system; the least one can expect is a reliable customer support…right? Wrong! With Vonage, this is not the case. Entrepreneurs need a means of communication at all times. Upgrading a business phone system may mean some downtime as it is. Bypass the downtime by upgrading with a simple and user-friendly Plug & Play system instead.

In addition to poor customer support, the service and connection, in general, can also become detrimental to one’s business. Two weeks after setting up Vonage Business Phone Systems, most users find themselves with complaints of bad connection, inbound calls being unable to get through, an increase of 20% of dropped calls and 15% of calls gone unanswered.

A working business phone system is a critical component for growing your enterprise. Inbound sales calls are 14 times more likely to generate revenue than web leads. While business phones are experiencing issues and putting a halt on revenue, the very same Vonage customer support reps that are called on to keep our communication lines running seem to have no control whatsoever over any problems.

Bad service doesn’t only burn through all the money you invested in what you thought was a good business phone provider… it’s also costing potential growth and revenue for your business. A missed call is a missed opportunity. Entrepreneurs have no time for downtime. There is no time to spend hours with poor customer service just to arrive to no solution.  How can anyone enjoy their new VoIP features with a service provider that can’t seem to get their phones running? As their support team sits in their own cloud of incompetence, the only thing Vonage seems to do effectively is damage a business’s ability to collaborate.

2.      Deception

Many services try to reel customers in with special offers. For example, Vonage sells their business phone service as $9.99 a month for both local and international calls. Sounds like a bargain, right? Unfortunately, Vonage is not above using deception to exploit business owners for their money.

Many users who take advantage of this great deal find their bill increasing from $9.99 to $38 after 2-3 months. Their service is getting more expensive as quality of service decreases. By the fourth month with Vonage service, plans get discreetly upgraded. Now, what was once a $9.99/mo business phone plan has become $65.69 a month plan.

To top it all off, unhappy customers also find mysterious unsolicited fees as their phone bill expenses increase. When a business phone service adds unexplained fees without notifying users, it breaks trust.

It’s not easy being a victim of deceptive business practices. We’re all trying to make money, not be deceived into spending it. As a business owner, you’re driven by your gut feeling and reliability is a huge motivator when it comes to decision making. The solution is to escape those avoidably high bills. Go with a business phone provider that is trustworthy and can bolster efficient resource distribution. Entrepreneurs need a business phone service they can count on so that their clients can count on them every minute of the day.

3.      Sudden Ball and Chain

The flame has definitely been put out. Now that it’s time to move on, they just won’t let go. Patience for Vonage has dropped down to zero and service cancellation proves to be unsuccessful. After months of dealing with an unreliable business phone service, it’s time to switch to another provider. Vonage, however, is taking months to finally release the current phone number to the new company. This is purposely done so that charges can continue being made. Talk about clingy.

Finally, Vonage takes the hint and gives up. No longer in their greasy grasps, they charge a $200 cancellation fee… As if Vonage hasn’t drained enough pockets. Heed our warning before it’s too late, skip the useless yet expensive services, and invest your money in a business phone service that is truly beneficial.

Make the Switch

Invest in HD quality audio. We understand the business owner’s frustrations with their business phone system. It’s not VoIP. It’s your business phone service. But there is still hope for this heartbreak… Give VoIP a second chance with a service provider that cares. We’re waiting to meet your demands. FastPBX works for you!
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Written By: Analiz Guzman
Content Curator
FastPBX Marketing

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