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Product Pitch for LUS Skateboard Stands

The first skateboards known to man were invented in the 40s. Skateboarding was popularized by the 80s. Today, skateboarding is so deeply embedded into American culture that it courses through the veins of our beings as it unites unique individuals for one common cause… The miraculous fuse of complete freedom, creativity, athleticism, intensity and a strange addiction to adrenaline.

These are longings that never die. The need to shred is insatiable. This is why skateboarding is a billion dollar industry that is over 20 years old and that will never go obsolete. And at the peak of this immortal trend, Line up Skateboard (LUS) introduces a never before seen product that is destined for perpetual growth, a device with the capacity to expand and create a global presence that will completely change the skateboarding industry forever.

Who says bicyclists should be the only ones who get a place to park their ride? There’s no need to lay your skateboard against the wall anymore, leaving it at a damaging risk of tipping over. The simplistic design of LUS creates a portable mounting accessory that is ideal for riders of all demographics. Simply pop it up, and prop it up… instant storage for your cherished wheels while allowing you to showcase your expressive side. Because we value individuality, we’ve created LUS in such a way that allows skateboarders to display the unique art under their skateboard.

LUS is a truly versatile product with the potential to be a timeless, revolutionary product that will benefit skateboarders around the world for years to come.
We present this to you because we are currently in search of interested or curious investors who can give us a helping hand turning our ideas into reality. Our team feels you might be stoked about this creative invention and hope that you perceive it with the same singularity as we do seeing that it’s a one-of-a-kind accessory that has never been seen before.

We ask that you please follow up with feedback and would like to thank you in advanced for your consideration.

Kind regards,

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