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Sometimes I feel like a seasonal sociopath. My feelings come and go in waves. Advertisements

How to foster wholeness from a young age 

To the children growing up too fast I say this: everything in life is about balance. And finding balance between your childhood and adulthood is essential for self fulfillment. In order to feel whole, you mustn’t taint your precious and time-sensitive childhood by giving in to your desires to be ripened. Your childhood is all … Continue reading


New media art is in. Paint brushes and pens are out. And I don’t know how to use photoshop. Does this make anyone else feel a tad bit irrelevant?

What Words or Phrases are Overused?

I have been practicing argumentative essays with my sixth grade students. Here is a sample I wrote for them about today’s journal topic. How many times have you heard some obnoxious preteen spew out the words, “swag,” “yolo,” or “twerk?” What do these words even mean? Many people of an older generation may not understand … Continue reading

Liberty & Tolerance for All

A Reflective Narration on Resistance, Oppression and Pride May We End The Intrusion of Lesser Advanced Cultures Resistance is a byproduct of oppression as well as a source of pride for the people of the region and all those seeking freedom and justice from their oppressors. Resistance doesn’t exist without oppression, but pride can exist … Continue reading

a human experience documented via smart phone

Waiting for #Halloween like.... 💀👻 @valfre #GPOY 🇺🇸💥🎆🎉🍔🌭🍻🍾Wish you all a safe and stellar #4thOfJuly. Remember 💡 what goes up, must come down. 🔫💀 #gunsafety#dontshootup#NotTalkingAboutHeroine 💉 Why follow a doctrine that deteriorates your own #humanity into a #reflection of a #lustful and unclean animal? Would you choose a life of #freedom or would you rather live with a constant sense of #morbid #sin? #WinnieThePooh#doWhatYouWant Happy Birthday to my best bitch. 🍻🎉🎀🎈👑🏆i hope this 24th year of life brings many good things. #birthdayprincess#2bitches#survivalofthelittest#24#bday An accurate representation of an inaccurate & prosthetic #emotion. Take your pick.

#mattel#barbie#dolly 🌐The universe is not that fucking mysterious. For the most part, we get what we ask for. Stop blaming other people for your problems. #URtheCommonDenominator 🌐🔮🌎☄#badjuju #lmao #justthinkpositively #lawofattraction #SELFFULFILLINGPROPHECY #reflections St. Patty's with the #baddest - 🍀💚 Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Channel your inner punk #goddess and tell the world, "fuck the #patriarchy." 💋 #IWD2016 @pollynor