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Dyslexia — A Neurological Issue

A Shift in Approach The topic of learning disabilities has been a daunting discussion throughout American homes, schools, workplaces and even within government agencies for decades. Our nation is understandably concerned about the education of its citizens, employers are concerned about the learning abilities of their workers, teachers worry for their students and parents worry … Continue reading

4 Simple Tips for Chronic Pain Relief

As we say goodbye to National Pain Awareness month, and hello to Fall, we’d like to offer some helpful tips for putting your aches to rest. “Pushing through the pain” is a highly misguided piece of advice. Don’t stand for it with your hands tied; read below for 4 tips to combating your persistently caustic … Continue reading

Product Pitch for LUS Skateboard Stands

The first skateboards known to man were invented in the 40s. Skateboarding was popularized by the 80s. Today, skateboarding is so deeply embedded into American culture that it courses through the veins of our beings as it unites unique individuals for one common cause… The miraculous fuse of complete freedom, creativity, athleticism, intensity and a … Continue reading

Auberge Beach Residences – Future Home of Dan Marino

Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida becomes future home to Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino. Continue reading

Miami Real Estate: Hoaxed Home Drops in Price

Lil Wayne Sheds Another $2 Million on La Gorce Island Miami Beach Home for Sale Just one month after an unfortunate ‘swatting’ hoax in March, 2015 in which a barrage of armed forces flooded Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home, the luxury mansion was put up for sale. It seems that the well known rapper and … Continue reading

The 1000 Museum

Below is a sample of site content written for well-renowned Miami based realty company, The Maza Group – Keller Williams Real Estate 1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid The 1000 Museum by Zaha Hadid sounds more like an art exhibit than a residential building for a reason. The prestigious new tower in Miami is expected to … Continue reading

Press Release Sample

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Holiday Party for the History Books Those who Work Hard, Get to Play Hard FastPBX is proud to have partnered with Viva Travel to sponsor an exquisite dinner party for their holiday celebrations. The lavish party was hosted in the beautiful city of Coral Gables where employees, vendors, family and loved … Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Business Phone Service Provider Deceive You

Originally posted on Fast PBX Business Phone Solutions:
Nowadays, companies are promising “free trials”, but fail to back up their promises.  Check out these sites to see what actual users are saying about their Business Phone Systems Providers. Ringcentral Vonage 8×8 Find out the ugly truth about your VoIP Business Phone Provider and how they…

3 Ways that Vonage is Putting Your Business at Risk

Why So Many Business Owners Are Breaking Up With Vonage At first, Vonage’s Business VoIP service seems pretty great, innovative, and maybe even revolutionary. As time unfolds, however, one begins to come to terms that it’s not Vonage that is so great. It’s the unprecedented VoIP technology that captures the heart. What is there to … Continue reading

VoIP Vs. Traditional Phone Systems

Analiz Guzman June 29, 2015 One might wonder the differences between a cloud VoIP phone system and a traditional phone system. How can you decide which is best for you or your business? One’s telephone system is their lifeline to not only their clients and suppliers, but to the world. Telephones remain one of today’s … Continue reading

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