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Auberge Beach Residences – Future Home of Dan Marino

Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale, Florida becomes future home to Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino. Continue reading

Gender Roles: A Modern Oppressor

I wanted to create deadly race tracks and build enchanted castles when I was younger, But mami said Hot Wheels and Legos are for boys. And when I was 12, I wanted to swim at summer camp, But I was told “pretty girls don’t wet their hair.” Choose your influencers wisely. I still regret not … Continue reading

Miami Real Estate: Hoaxed Home Drops in Price

Lil Wayne Sheds Another $2 Million on La Gorce Island Miami Beach Home for Sale Just one month after an unfortunate ‘swatting’ hoax in March, 2015 in which a barrage of armed forces flooded Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach home, the luxury mansion was put up for sale. It seems that the well known rapper and … Continue reading

How to foster wholeness from a young age 

To the children growing up too fast I say this: everything in life is about balance. And finding balance between your childhood and adulthood is essential for self fulfillment. In order to feel whole, you mustn’t taint your precious and time-sensitive childhood by giving in to your desires to be ripened. Your childhood is all … Continue reading


New media art is in. Paint brushes and pens are out. And I don’t know how to use photoshop. Does this make anyone else feel a tad bit irrelevant?

Body Vs. Spirit

Is this shell keeping my spirit captive even my own?    Or am I just borrowing it while I live out the remaining of my existence on earth? Is it really mine? Because it doesn’t move as I direct it. I don’t feel in control. It doesn’t do what I want it to do. I … Continue reading

Toy Soldiers 

You can be surrounded by caring people But too guarded to know it. Wanting to share territory until uninvited cowardice causes emotional blindness. An eventful day can leave you with nothing to talk about  as warmongers protect the tongue and barricade the lips. Muted your throat with a finger’s flick. The enemy dropped the bomb … Continue reading

Suppressed Ambition

Spring accumulated in the air. It ebbed and flowed all around until it penetrated even the most stable and seldom spirits  with an estranged sense of discontent and a wistful, yet hollowing longing. It’s the season of copulation,  yet I feel more arid than ever.  Incertitude leaves a barren field  where intimacy does not grow.

Death of a Parent: The Unspoken Rite of Passage

An essential element, A vital ingredient of my being has been ripped away from me – No longer a part of this walking earth, My existence has been fractured.

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