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Gender Roles: A Modern Oppressor

I wanted to create deadly race tracks and build enchanted castles when I was younger, But mami said Hot Wheels and Legos are for boys. And when I was 12, I wanted to swim at summer camp, But I was told “pretty girls don’t wet their hair.” Choose your influencers wisely. I still regret not … Continue reading


New media art is in. Paint brushes and pens are out. And I don’t know how to use photoshop. Does this make anyone else feel a tad bit irrelevant?

Body Vs. Spirit

Is this shell keeping my spirit captive even my own?    Or am I just borrowing it while I live out the remaining of my existence on earth? Is it really mine? Because it doesn’t move as I direct it. I don’t feel in control. It doesn’t do what I want it to do. I … Continue reading

Toy Soldiers 

You can be surrounded by caring people But too guarded to know it. Wanting to share territory until uninvited cowardice causes emotional blindness. An eventful day can leave you with nothing to talk about  as warmongers protect the tongue and barricade the lips. Muted your throat with a finger’s flick. The enemy dropped the bomb … Continue reading

Mother’s Day 2015

I am writing you this heartfelt poem, to let you know I’m appreciative of your guiding part. And for all the wisdom you instill in my mind and heart. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t exist. Life is the best gift anyone could ever have wished. What is it like to watch your precious … Continue reading

Suppressed Ambition

Spring accumulated in the air. It ebbed and flowed all around until it penetrated even the most stable and seldom spirits  with an estranged sense of discontent and a wistful, yet hollowing longing. It’s the season of copulation,  yet I feel more arid than ever.  Incertitude leaves a barren field  where intimacy does not grow.

A Curriculum That Sets You Up For Failure

I can see the psyche of our youth being crushed Every time someone says they’re incapable or not good enough. By adults that they’re told to trust. Only eleven years old being told by supposed mentors and educators to not even try. “They’re not capable, let us not challenge their minds.” Is this why society … Continue reading

A Drastic Change in Melody

The song you sang to me always comes to mind. Out loud, I’d sing with glee when I had no tears to hide. But now the merry melody is replaced with a gentle sigh. I miss you, daddy. It was not your time.

Death of a Parent: The Unspoken Rite of Passage

An essential element, A vital ingredient of my being has been ripped away from me – No longer a part of this walking earth, My existence has been fractured.

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